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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

YARN ALONG // (almost) monogamous

Joining in with Ginny for the Yarn Along.
I love to knit. I love to read. Here's a little bit about both.

Let's start with a sneak peek. I have big plans for those leftover sock yarns. But first, I need more sock yarn. ;)

On my needles right now is my Coronis sweater! I'm almost done with the body!! I'm going to start the ribbing today and then… sleeve time! I can already tell I'm not going to enjoy the sleeves as much, sleeve syndrome anyone? But I really want to wear it soon so hey no choice there! It's really really fun and quick to knit though, I can't believe I knitted my first sweater flat… all those seams you guys!! Circular needles for the win!

Also on my needles but being very much ignored (because I have powered through the sweater) is the Warble cowl I am making for my sister. The plan here is to finish the body of my Coronis, then work on the scarf then go back to the sweater and work on the sleeves. This way I make progress and shouldn't get bored with any of the two! 

Reading! Hmm not much actually. Once I finished Book 8 of Outlander I was a bit lost in terms of "what's next" to be honest, then there was Lena Dunham's book which I sort of hate (more on that in my Fall book report), I also started Amy Poehler's book and got the Anne of Green Gables book series but haven't started it yet. I however have been watching a few Christmas movies already, it's not too early right?

Friday, November 14, 2014


It's been a while since I made a layout. I don't think I really missed scrapbooking. Don't get me wrong, I love making layouts, creating, making stuff with my hands. But I am knitting a lot, and sewing and a few other stuff. My hands and brains are very happy at the moment with all those that I didn't really feel like I needed to scrap for a while. I missed stories though. It's been two years (!!!) since Canada and I have two half complete albums and hundreds of photos in a box. And I want to tell those stories. With words, papers and glue. So I grabbed my scrapbooking supplies and picked a few very random photos (those are the best). I wasn't quite sure what to do though. 
So I figured, hey let's take an online class! (i love classes, I'm nerdy like that). I'm a big big fan of Kelly Purkey. She's a/ super cool and b/ super talented. Also, her timing was perfect because as I was thinking about that she blogged about her Snap Sketch Scrap online class and how it was on sale throughout November. 10$ you guys. Filled with really cool content that happened to be exactly what I needed to get started.  A week later, we have two layouts. and two stories told. Success!

Indian Summer. We don't have that in France. So when the leaves started to change and suddenly the streets were filled with the most amazing shades of orange, pink, purple, red and yellow, I may have had the best time of my life. Fall in Canada was AMAZING. And I don't need more than the photo of a very awesome tree I walked by everyday to tell that story. I went a bit crazy with the background there (following the class instruction obviously!) Classes are only good if they force you to push through your limits right? I think it's awesome. The rest is just a whole lot of bits and pieces. And that title. I may be the owner of five different gold glittered thickets and I may have tried every single one of them on the photo before deciding on that one. Sometimes you just need a few upper case gold glittery letters.

And layout #2 (which is actually #1 because I made that one first)

This is a very random photo of a car that's not ours and a building I can't identify. But that's not the story. It's the story of five girls, going on a road trip to Toronto and the Niagara Falls, who spent 7 crazy hours stuck in a car (because apparently 3pm is the time you don't want to get stuck in traffic near Toronto. did not know that!), took way too many toilet breaks (5 girls!) and listened to very weird yet awesome french canadian Rap music (a story that got its own layout that I don't think I ever shared here, hum). Obviously that road trip was magic and crazy and awesome. So it deserved a cool yellow background. The two little photo corners/ arrow in red and blue is my favorite little detail ever (a very cool idea by Kelly!). The rest is a very random assortment of stuff, plus a few epoxy flowers because after all, it's a story about five girls. Looking at it, I feel like I want to go back and add a few more black lines and some more words. I might do. Still like it though.

So, yay, scrapbooking! Many more layouts to come! And stories. What's your favorite little random story?
Tuesday, November 11, 2014


You guys, fair isle is THE BEST. I had so much fun working on this hat. Even though I had to do it twice (more about color issues and change of heart here). Picking colors is a lot more complicated than one would expect, not only do they need to go together but there is also contrast to consider, otherwise your pattern won't look much like a pattern at all! I ended up using a lot of blue, a touch of yellow to make it pop and some grey so it wouldn't pop too much. It's all about balance I guess. 

Fair isle can be quite impressive but knitting it isn't that complicated. You never work with more than two colors at once and except for a few tangles here and there it's just about following the pattern. Tension can be an issue, but that's what blocking is for right?
Honestly, there is only one thing I do not like about fair isle, and that is the gazillion ends one has to weave in at the end. Some more honesty? I still haven't woven them in… Won't stop me from wearing it though!

Yarn now! As you might know, fair isle comes from Scotland, it's actually the name of a small island near Shetland. So of course I had to use some scottish yarn! I went with Jamieson & Smith 100% Shetland wool. It's quite a rustic yarn, you can almost picture the sheep enjoying the Shetland lands and weathers! It comes in a lot of colors all very very gorgeous! It's quite nice to knit with, soft enough that your hands won't hurt, nicely elastic (always nice when working in fair isle!), it's quite shiny and blocks beautifully. Basically, I love it!! 

So, what next you ask? Well I have a few projects in mind :)
A cool sweater: Elementary, a cute hat & mitts combo, a magical cowl and a gorgeous cardigan!
Plus a few dozen more on my Ravelry fave ;)

Monday, November 10, 2014


Waiting for the sun to rise.
Silence is a blessing
For those not afraid of the dark.


Joining in with Abi over at Creating Paper Dreams for A photo & 20 words. Sort of a day late, but let's ignore that fact. Also, she's awesome.
Thursday, November 6, 2014


I love breakfast. Some say it is the most important meal of the day. I don't know if it's true but I do know that: I LOVE BREAKFAST. So obviously when I decided to cut back on gluten and dairy I knew I was in trouble. Because I did not quite realized it at the time but my breakfasts were made of 99% of gluten and dairy. Going salty was just not an option for me, I need sugar/sweets in the morning, eggs being the only exception. Sorry guys, I just don't see beans and sausage as something that is acceptable before noon ;) So I had to figure out what to do.

 August was sort of easy because you know in Summer you get hundreds of fruits available. So there was a lot of fruit salads going on. But it's now November and I'm just not going to eat an apple every single morning. But then I discovered porridge. Or oatmeal, whatever you call it. It's awesome, delicious, fun to make, and there's an infinite number of ways to costumize it! 
Because I also stopped dairy, I had to try a few things there too. I kind of like soy milk, but mostly with like a Starbucks, as in a drink. Then I discovered almond milk. Which might be my new favorite thing in the world (after porridge that is!). So that's what I use to cook the oats and what I add in my coffee every morning. I also buy a few gluten free products now and then such as bread and toast (so that i can spread my nutella on something mostly).
I now start my days with a warm, delicious and filling meal that doesn't make me feel like my stomach weighs more than the rest of my body and actually gives me enough energy to make it till lunch (no more 11am "is it lunch yet??" syndrome). It's a big win if you ask me!

Top 5 Porridge toppings!

Honey + Banana
Strawberry and Rhubarb Jam
Apple, cinnamon and nuts
Berries. Black, red, whatever you fancy